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Advance your community.

Your donation to the Chesapeake Regional Health Foundation supports the growth of Chesapeake Regional Healthcare including advancements in treatment and technology, outstanding patient care, funding mammograms to qualified community members and community support programs.

Thanks to the support of our generous donors, the Chesapeake Regional Health Foundation raises over $800,000 annually to benefit many important services at Chesapeake Regional. Below are just a few projects that donations have helped us provide:

  • Pulsara – A real-time communication tool between Chesapeake Fire/EMS and Chesapeake Regional medical teams to unify and improve care outcomes.
  • Expansion – Capital Campaign to support the construction and expansion of the Priority Toyota Cancer Center, Richard S. Bray Critical Care Tower, The BirthPlace, and Open-Heart Program.
  • Telestroke – A web-based approach to treating stroke victims, providing neurologists with the ability to perform immediate, real-time, remote diagnosis and treatment.
  • Training mannequins for the Trauma unit.
  • Cuddle Cot – An in-room cooling unit disguised inside a bassinet to give families the gift of time, and closure, after losing a baby.
  • Interventional Neurology Suite – State of the art technology to provide neuroendovascular procedures, vascular and critical care neurology.
  • Mammograms – All associated Bra-ha-ha events raise funds to provide uninsured and underinsured members of the community with free breast health services, including screenings and mammograms. Funds also go toward new technology for the Breast Center at Chesapeake Regional.
  • Patient Assistance – Includes blessing bags for patients in need, transportation for treatments and follow-up care, infant car seats for those in need, nutritional support, and more.
  • Behavioral Health – Support for the PROUD program as well as expanded services for veterans and community support.


Grateful Patient Program

Becoming a Grateful Patient Donor: Transforming Gratitude into Action

 At Chesapeake Regional Health Foundation, we believe in the transformative power of gratitude. Every day, we witness the profound impact that compassionate care and exceptional medical treatment have on the lives of patients and their families. It is this gratitude that inspires us to create opportunities for individuals to give back and make a lasting difference through our grateful patient donor program.


What Does it Mean to be a Grateful Patient Donor?

Becoming a grateful patient donor means embracing the opportunity to express your appreciation for the exceptional care you or your loved ones received. It means recognizing the invaluable contributions of healthcare providers who go above and beyond to ensure the well-being of their patients. Most importantly, it means turning your gratitude into action by supporting the programs, initiatives, and advancements that will shape the future of healthcare for generations to come.


How Your Donation Makes a Difference

Your donation as a grateful patient donor directly impacts the lives of others facing similar medical challenges. Whether you choose to support research efforts, fund specialized programs, enhance patient care services, or invest in cutting-edge technology, your contribution has the power to transform healthcare outcomes and improve the quality of life for countless individuals. By giving back, you become an integral part of our mission to provide compassionate care and innovative solutions to those in need.


Joining a Community of Gratitude

As a grateful patient donor, you join a community of like-minded individuals who share a common bond of gratitude for the care they received. Together, we celebrate the resilience, strength, and hope that define the patient experience. Through our shared commitment to giving back, we amplify the impact of our collective gratitude, creating a ripple effect of positivity and healing that extends far beyond the walls of our healthcare facilities.


How to Get Involved

Getting involved as a grateful patient donor is easy and meaningful. Simply reach out to our foundation team to learn more about the various ways you can support our mission. Whether you prefer to make a one-time donation, establish a recurring gift, or explore other giving options, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Your generosity, no matter the amount, will make a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.



In conclusion, becoming a grateful patient donor is a powerful way to pay it forward and make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Your support not only honors the exceptional care you or your loved ones received but also ensures that future generations will have access to the same level of compassionate care and innovative treatments. Together, we can transform gratitude into action and create a brighter, healthier future for all.


    The Chesapeake Regional Health Foundation (CRHF) was established in 1993 to help further the mission and vision of Chesapeake Regional Healthcare (CRH). 


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